Back on Good Eggs!!

The past six weeks have been a wild ride. Mama Tong was in "sleep mode" in September, only to be awoken by Lindsey Ott! We are so grateful to Lindsey for taking over Mama Tong and operating the business so that we can offer the soups again. We have spun it back up as fast as reasonable, and we're back!! Imagine that we are doing a little Chinese herbal soup dance in celebration! Cue the dragons!!

We are back selling on Good Eggs as of today!! Just look for us at 

We will also be at the Oakland First Friday event at Uptown Body and Fender (401 26th St  Oakland, CA 94612) on November 1st, 2013. Come by and meet Lindsey and the Mama Tong crew. We will be serving Ji Tong Chicken Herbal Soup and the Mushroom and Yiyiren Soup to warm you up!!

It feels so good to be back! Come order from us again.