Mama Tong Bone Broth is gently simmered for 48 hours.  I use a water filtration system by I only use bones from 100% pasture-raised beef and lamb and bones from chickens who are fed organic chicken feed. The vegetables and herbs are fresh and certified organic. If you purchase Mama Tong’s frozen Bone Broth I recommend keeping it frozen and using within six months.  However, you can defrost, boil, and refreeze if you choose.  I think filling ice cube trays is a great way to make the broth accessible in smaller quantities. If you purchase Mama Tong’s fresh Bone Broth I recommend using it within two weeks.  You can bring it to a boil and extend the freshness for another week if you choose.  I intentionally created that seal of fat at the top of the jar to act as a natural preservative, which is also a great source of amino acids. The resources for learning about the health attributes of a slow cooked broth are abounding. I trust you can find those resources easily enough especially as it’s becoming more and more well known, but I want to acknowledge that this is real food.  This is food that has been recognized in most every culture since the beginning of time.  There is reverence and respect in valuing and utilizing the entire animal that has given it’s life for our sustenance.  I can tell you all about why it’s good for you, and I will share some of my favorite benefits on my blog, but really I invite you to experience the feeling for yourself!